Unrelated/Favorite Links

pizzaidf.org This is so cool! You can send a small pizza meal including a cola product to Israeli soldiers along with a small message. My guess it is a needed break for those soldiers in a dangerous situation. I bought my first pizza as of the last update of this page

overlawyered.com This is a site which chronicles the painful destruction of reason in law in the United States, Canada and elsewhere

opinionjournal.com This is the place for the very best in conservative commentary. Their "Best of the Web" column I look forward to reading every weekday.

frontpagemag.com Excellent repository for conservative commentary including the devastating attractive Ann Coulter. Seriously, a good mix of conservative writers are found here. The founder, David Horowitz is an ex-leftwinger.

realclearpolitics.com A daily compilation of conservative commentary from a variety of online publications.

slashdot.org News for nerds and stuff that matters. It is like a weblog with several stories posted and commentary from readers. I used slashdot to pick up on computer industry news and trends. Like me, they are a strong advocate of open source software, such as Linux.

theregister.co.uk A British news source which contains the latest news from the computer industry and is presented with wry wit.

instapundit.com One of the better conservative weblogs around.

conservativehq.com Another conservative compilation of news and commentary. This site is also the base for the sixty second activist, which enable conservatives to react to legislative and news events, with letters, faxes, and etc.

activistcash.com Want to send your blood truly boiling? Log on here from time to time to see where the communist left is heading. Publishes information on 'non profit' groups, which its seems are less about their cause and more about lining their pockets any more.

littlegreenfootballs.com Weblog: This is one of the most popular blogs.  The guy who runs it also has a web page designing business.  The focus here is on Arab terrorism against Israel. 

The Anit-Idiotarian Rottweiler  Weblog: Run by Emporer Misha I.  I dont know why I keep coming back to this place.  Maybe it's the humor, or maybe I just wanna be on an emporer's good side.

Right-thinking from the Left Coast Weblog: California based conservative commentary.

Rantburg This is a fun place.  Lots of user submitted articles and posts.