Scripts Page

This page outlines the perl scripts which are required to make this campaign game run, and their status.

1) Basic Unit Dump -- (Full Script) This script will list by Game Index Number, the units involved in selected campaign, ordered by an eight digit unit identifier.  Debugging.

2) Map recon/movement script -- (module)  This module will create a routine, based upon the size of the map which will enable game engine to execute recon/movemnt instructions and write the results to a results document and to the three game maps: Side 1/2, Gamemaster, public map.  (Not begun)

3) Unit/map list -- (module)  This module will seperate out units by game number, and write a basic list of units to be used in the game in a form which can be read by the game map software. (Not begun)

4)  Game recon/movement script -- (Full script) This script will execute the basic recon/patrol/movement orders required by the game or issued by the game's commanders, and create human readable text files of the results. (Not Begin)

5)  Web Page builder -- (Full Script)  This script will write basic html files of public documents to be used in campaigns.  (Not Begun)

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