Divided Ground

Conversion Project

  The Divided Ground Conversion Project is a voluntary project for converting Divided Ground from the Arab-Israeli Wars to NATO units fron 1948 to 1999.  A number of add-ons have been written for this modern game and they are available over at the Blitz in the download section.

This page has been posted to help interested persons in tracking progress on the units which are being added to the game.  This project is operated by Paul Adaway in the UK.  As of the date of this page, the only full oob available are the Soviet (Warsaw Pact) units  Mr. Adaway has done.  American units are nearing completion and others are working on the other allies.  The owner of this website is working the minor NATO allies of Belgium, Canada and the Netherlands.

Proposed files will posted on a routine basis in the links below.  Also added will be postings on this page or on the weblog about progress of the project.

The Blitz downloads page
US NATO Units Data
Minor Allies Units Data (Updated Regularly)
If you have questions and suggestions about the Minor Allies