Campaign F.A.Q.s

What is this campaign game?

The campaign game is actually a wargame on two different levels.  The first, or top level,  is the strategic game.  In the strategic game, forces defined are deployed and can be given orders for movement and combat.

Okay, where do I go to download the software?

You don't.  This campaign module is being developed to be a full web system for serving and moderating strategic wargames for military gamers.  
At the moment of this writing, some Linux based software is the putative means of moderating the wargame.

Why do I need this campaign?  Isn't it easier to just play games such as the Operational Are of War?

Absolutely, it is easier to play such operational level games as TOAW.  However, while you may get some idea of what military issues you face, you have no hope of playing a game using the same constraints and problems field commanders face.  
For example, while TOAW movement rules may allow you to conduct an attack if you know how the deployment is,  in this campaign module, you have NO IDEA starting out how the other side has deployed nor how they will conduct their game. While in a closed operational game such as TOAW you are playing double blind, in an open operational game even though both sides know their relative strengths, the game is also double blind.
The difference is that when two units on the map meet a tactical battle takes place.  It takes place as either a PBEM or a head-to-head game, not in this module but using other tactical wargaming software.

How are units tracked in this campaign game?

By using PostgreSQL Linux database software, Jet operational wargaming software and PERL scripts.

Why Jet?  Why not use ADC2?

Jet files, its game files, and map files are all in plain text.  Nearly every other wargaming software's files are encrypted in some fasion, which makes data mining very difficult.  Also, the maps created under Jet can be converted to picture files and posted; no other wargame aid software does that.
Also, Jet comes in two versions: one Windows and the other Linux.  I have installed ADC2 on a Linux box under Wine, but the problem is, of course, converting maps to human viewable form, and encrypted game files.

May I see/download the scripts?

Even though this campaign game is written using open source software, the scripts are the creation of this author and will remain proprietary.

What time periods for historical game can be used for the strategic game?

All time periods.  However, this campaign game has been written with WWII/modern wargames in mind.

What tactical wargaming software should I use?

It is up to you.  However, in a strategic game you and your mates must agree on a single game to resolve combat.  This game is designed with platoon level games in mind, such as Wargame Construction Set II: Tanks!, Steel Panthers III and the Campaign Series.  Squad level game can be adapted as well, but at the moment, the scripts being written are written with platoon level in mind.

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